50-year-old mother breaks stereotypes! Laila looks more like her daughter’s sister


Diligence and commitment can take you anywhere, and this fit mother of two puts everyone’s body goals to shame. Laila White, aged 50, managing director and personal trainer, has a strong and muscular physique. Her fresh guise can easily pass her as her daughter’s sister.

A businesswoman and a personal trainer pose for a photo shoot. (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)
Laila with her two daughters. (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

Her inspiration comes from her brother who transformed his physique while doing national service at the age of only 18. And her unbinding dedication comes from her love for sports.

Laila revealed, “I was impressed by my brother’s transformation in his physique after going through national service at 18 years old. He taught me a few exercises that peaked my interest and led me to pursue personal training and aerobics instructor courses.’’

Laila while poses while working out! (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

Her pictures are a living proof of her vigor and zeal towards bodybuilding.

She claims that she has always been skinny even after childbirth and realizes how hard and tiresome balancing bodybuilding and taking care of the kids can be. It took her 20 years to refine her body. She religiously follows her routine which includes eating fish, chicken, and vegetables.

Laila poses for the paparazzi. (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

“I have always been skinny even after childbirth, being a housewife and mother was a nonstop career without having any break makes me realize it’s one of the hardest jobs in the world,” said Laila.

She explains how bodybuilding has helped her gain confidence and energy. Sports has become her life, and without it, life is unimaginable for her.

Laila Posing for a selfie in a sultry black dress. (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

Even though she is a mother of two, she takes out time to work out five to six days a week. Her workouts consist of 45-minutes strength training and 45-minutes of either cardio or hot yoga.

The fit mother proudly said, “The confidence and energy that training has given me cannot be compared to who I was before. I am strong and hardly fall sick. I am strong like a bull now.”


Laila shows off her well-built muscles! (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

Even though Laila has a desirable body, she still receives cynical comments.

“Depending on how and what my body looks, if I am ripped, some love it, some don’t. When I am not ripped some say I look better, some say they prefer when I am ‘less bulky.’ You can’t please everyone. So, I please myself. I like when I am lean and ripped.” She further added.

The fit mother poses in a white bikini and gives major body goals! (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

Dedication, hard work and regular day to day struggle is the outcome of such perfect and sizzling body. She has few words of wisdom for people who are struggling.

Laila described, “It’s important to start with a day at a time. It’s not an overnight success. Don’t shoot for results immediately which can lead to injuries.’’

She owns her body in a black bikini like no one else has before! (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

She further explains how imperative it is to be dedicated to bodybuilding, “Learn from asking, reading and watching from the right source. It’s a lifestyle, not a one-stop destination.


A fifty-year-old, body-builder mother poses for a sizzling photoshoot! (Source: Laila White/mediadrumworld.com)

Moreover, she has not achieved this look just overnight. She enjoys the process and love every bit of the ordeal.

“Fall in love with the process. It’s a journey, watch how you evolve and celebrate every achievement, and with every failure, there’s a lesson to be learned.” Lastly, she said.


Article Source: Journal Post

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