Pakistan, and future of AI


Almost all the people I guess, may have seen Hollywood movie The Terminator in which Arnold come from future to save the Connor in order to secure the humanity from going extinct, we all can have an idea about the AI from that move, but what will happen if terminator comes to Pakistan? Hah, I am certainly joking.

A Picture from Terminator 2

Let’s get to the facts about AI

Well AI is simply an algorithm that learn and store the results from its experiments or past experiences, In fact, the first AI who fought and defeated human was Deep Blue and the Human who defended Deep Blue was Garry Kasparov in legendary six-game series of chess.

Garry Kasparov vs  Deep Blue 1997 

The terminology Intelligence first appeared in a paper published by Alan Turing in 1950, Alan Turing is the same person who broke Enigma code in World War II and saved millions of lives,

Later that his research leads to many new discoveries, nowadays computers are readily available and are cheap enough that a schoolboy can afford a decent computer with his pocket money, even I got my first computer when I was in 4th grade,

Operating systems which were once used simple environment now are adopting AI whether it’s a Mac OS, Windows, or Android, Every house in Pakistan have one more computers which are running OS with AI implemented on them, not only the computers but TV, AC, watches, cars, smartphones, are using AI. some of the examples are Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, and many other

Google Assistant in ANDROID

Current AI is developing a network an IOT (Internet Of Things) which is just gathering knowledge about us our sleep pattern, our eating drinking or walking and our listening pattern our preferences about home appliances for now, but many researchers say in near future IOT will be so advanced that if eggs are missing from the fridge the AI implemented fridge will order the eggs for you. So that you don’t have to worry about anything, and believe me it’s not a luxury for us it’s a curse.

Pakistan is one of the countries which is currently using the AI commercially, many kinds of research and predictions; many institutes has implemented  AI to sync statistics regularly like weather forecasting is being done by the AI, Small school systems have been created with AI, Careem, and Uber also use AI. 

A well-known research report says that Pakistan is becoming a hub for Software and website developers and millions of Dollars are flowing into Pakistan by freelancing sites, and much other research paper says that these development jobs will fade out in near future because of the AI,

In Pakistan AI is literally everywhere, and more Intelligent AI will be taking over soon,

So the question is, should we adopt AI and get prepared to sustain the impact of it? Or should we not?

“There certainly will be job disruption. Because what’s going to happen is robots will be able to do everything better than us. … I mean all of us,”

Elon Musk

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