Who generates more revenue: Games or Films


The video game industry is getting bigger than Hollywood because the video game industry nowadays has become a serious business with respect to economic sector engaged as the development, marketing and sales of video games. Arguably not only it is more engaging for people but the economics work out better too as it has encompassed dozens of job opportunities, disciplines and employs worldwide.
The video-game industry has shot its growth from $67 billion to $82 billion within the duration of last 3 years from now. At the same time, global movie revenue hit an estimated $94 billion down to 17% after inflation from 2001, both DVD and ticket sales.

The existence of specialized gaming machines through less piracy plagues games is the most obvious reason because the dedicated devices make a difference! Getting a cracked copy of a game and then modifying the devices like Xbox or Play station in order to play that version, etc is quite a hassle. However, the advantage could disappear with the changes in technology as the retail business model has been in decline since the mid 2000.



The concept of social gaming has massively prevailed with an introduction of multiplayer online role-playing games (or MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft. Through social gaming networks players build a persistent identity and form associations with different groups of people playing around the globe and chat online with them. From shooters to sports more and more genres of games built in some kind of social experience, therefore this sort of social interaction operate more as a service than as a product. Just like a social website players need to have a user account to log into a server and to get connected with other players live. Hence a service is not pirated in any way!


Going to the movies just takes too long because you need to spend two hours sitting down but Games, by contrast, are going more and more portable and flexible and entertaining in a way that gaming devices like Xbox make you exercise inside your homes despite of letting you sit for hours. Obviously games can be played for hours but the nature of engagement they carry within them is far more entertaining than movies but there are a lot games which offers small increments of time unlike constant time of movies.

Nevertheless some of the games, like Call of Duty, have introduced lightweight versions for meant to be played on mobile devices yet entertainment overcomes your couch time. Whereas games like Clash of Clans, allows you to massively enjoy multiplayer games by making teams on a network thereby promoting social networking in much a shorter and manageable time frame.

Could the movie industry have this business model? Where vast amount of games are absolutely free to play, all you pay for is an in-game services and its updates. Well, Youtube these days although having short and mobile-optimized videos is still a pretty big category already but has anyone really dared on spending millions of dollars whirling a cinematic style narration across multiple platforms? Or offering people to watch extra clips over the web for $1.99 here and 99 cents there? Interesting would it be.

The video below relates to the interests of students and movie makers towards games!

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtApaK5oCms”/]


One good reason for the rise of gaming is that its core audience is getting wider because target women equally along men while big-budget movies continue to shoot for just one audience quadrant—younger men therefore the video game market is diversifying and not narrowing. There is a tremendous business innovation observed in last decade which has begun with buying play time at Internet cafes, then driving online game subscription models, and more recently revolutionary playing-free models leading gaming industry as a multi-billion dollar industry.

To sum up although both companies are struggling to keep up with the world they created but everybody believed in an armed race mentality of growing bigger, better and stronger technologically. So to date gaming industry is praised to be on next level success as they are investing a lot financial and inventively to raise the market of it new system and hence are now headed in the right direction!

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