Islamic Countries and Prostituion within them!


Islam is a most generous, dignified and glorified religion which teach us the ways of living. The Question is, are we learning from Islam? I don’t really think so.

Living in a Muslim country is a blessing and Living among the Muslim Society is the Luckiest thing a Muslim could have,

Nations who Truly followed Islam were Prosper, happy and strict about their laws,  We can all have an Idea about such Nation from The city of  Madina after Hazrat Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم bring the word of Allah Pak in front of them and they believed it without any second doubt and so became a great nation. After that every crime, sin, indecency just Vanished from the Madina, A civilized Nation was born. And in that Nation People shared everything from clothes to shelter, to remove poverty and compulsion.

Now Nations have just swiftly changed due to technology and cross Nation Societies, and are Leaving the Teachings of Islam behind, and facing many problems one of the Major Problem is Prostitution.

Many Islamic Countries like Afghanistan,  Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tunisia  Prostitution is booming Almost all the prostitutes are either forced by family or friends or just do Adultery due to compulsion.

Indonesia and Bangladesh have high Prostitution count than any other Islamic countries, and a most famous tern is now being used for Prostitution  ” Halal Prostitution”.

Jakarta,  Indonesia
Dhaka,  Bangladesh

On the other hand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan were Major Muslim countries when invaded by Britishers and Germs and brothels were stamped as legal although these Nations had Prostitution more or less but were illegal and all these things were done behind the scene.

Islamabad, Pakistan
Kabul, Afghanistan

lastly, Tunisia who was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, during the Ottoman era Prostitutes were even taxed according to the appearance, more a prostitute is better looking the more she was taxed.

Tunis, Tunisia

Due to Prostitution Most of the young unmarried people are most likely to fall into prostitution and then got addicted to it at some point, then it is almost impossible to get rid of the addiction, due to that many Muslim countries are being contaminated STD,
According to the 2017 studies, In Pakistan around 132,000 are affected by HIV/AIDS all of them are aged between 15-49 years.
2012  studies show that in Afghanistan about 3000 people are suffering from HIV/AIDS
according to 2017 study in Tunisia about 36900000 are affected with HIV/AIDS, and the list is going and numbers are increasing day by day.

Prostitution is a major problem, All the Muslim countries have youth in  majority and are falling into the hands of prostitution due to which suffering from incurable diseases, We may not be able to cure the diseases but we can prevent further destruction of Nations from the curse of Prostitution and this problem could only be solved if we start sharing something to those who do things just to feed their young ones, and this is the only way to Save our generations and to transfer true Islamic Teaching to them.

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