Pakistan, A Country of No Aggression!


According to recent Surveys Pakistan is 33rd largest country in the world with the estimated population of 201,107,578 according to UN, and has very minimal Crime rate as compared to neighboring countries,

But in fact crimes may have been evolving in certain areas of Pakistan, Specifically Lahore about which every one has heard,

Jine Lahore Nai Vekhya O Jamya-e-Ni “, No doubt Lahore an “ideal city” as my Brother says, Street food is just awesome

Mutton Karahi

Now back to the word ‘aggression’ , well I’ve chosen the word aggression very carefully because in Pakistan’s history there were only two serial killers,

Who murdered 114 victims who were mostly homeless man or kids from the age of 6-45,both of them belonged from Lahore ,but before going into the most dramatic details i want to tell you why i decided to Title as “Pakistan, A Country of No Aggression!” while the article seems to be entirely opposite of the title.

All started way after the serial killing was over and at that time i was young, Because I was not allowed to leave after noon, Reason was unknown, 

After a long time i came to know about the fear that my parents were feeding inside them, since then i just came to know there were only Two Serial Killers in Pakistan who were still terrorizing parents across Pakistan even though they were gone ,

Since then i started gathering information about the patterns, way of walking, talking, and way of looking of a typical Serial killer, and the funny thing is that most of the material i gained from, were well reputed articles, news papers, and television channel shows from the countries for which my father dreamed that “one day my son will be a big engineer in one of those countries”, its making sense now, isn’t it? now back to the Word aggression, 

Javed Iqbal who lived 45 years in Lahore, and terrorized entire Lahore for about 22 years, his victims were kids of age 6-16 years and total count of killing was about 100

Amir Qayyum who also lived in Lahore and victim count was 14  AKA, “The brick killer”.

The total victim count was 114 but do you know our most of the neighboring countries have more Serial killers then the Victims in Pakistan!

America, UK, Germany, France, Canada, China, Australia,India,Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain are the top countries who have 20-227 confirmed Serial Killers.

As most of the studies say that aggression have many things to do with a Serial killers’ mind, and considering the statistics we can Surely say “Pakistan, A Country of No Aggression!”.

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