Super fake! Celebrity blogger Doug Polk reveals Dan Bilzerian’s life as a sham!


A famous YouTube blogger is calling The King of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, a “big fake.”

Doug Polk calls Dan Bilzerian “big fake.” (Source: YouTube)

Doug Polk, the YouTube blogger, is a professional poker player from Pasadena, California. He dropped out of the University of North Carolina to become a professional poker player.

Dan around women in bikinis. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

By the year 2013, Doug had become one of the greatest poker players online. He weekly posts poker tutorials on his channel on Youtube called Doug Polk Poker.

In a new video posted by Doug, he is revealing that Dan Bilzerian, who is also one of the most popular poker players of all time is a sham.

Dan around women in bikinis. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

Dan Bilzerian is a man with a net worth of $60 million. He claims that he has earned all this money from playing poker. However, Doug disagrees.

Dan around women in bikinis. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

Dan lives an extravagant lifestyle which he regularly displays on his Instagram page. He has 23 million Instagram followers.

Dan holds a woman in a bikini over his head. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

Dan is a complete party boy. He is surrounded by girls in bikinis in his pictures. Moreover, the man is always partying in exotic locations being pampered by women all the time. The areas include the likes of Iceland, Ibiza, Venice and many more.

Dan takes a picture with a woman in the water. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

The millionaire also loves to pose with guns in his photographs. His lavish lifestyle amazes people all over the world.

Dan takes a picture on a jet ski with a woman in a bikini. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

However, Doug Polk claims that his exuberant lifestyle is not the fruit of his skills at poker. And, he is just a person with a wealthy father and lack of useful talent.

Dan parties in Venice. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

Doug begins the video with a question saying, “How good is Dan Bilzerian actually at Poker?”

Additionally, Doug questions the fact that Dan got all this money and luxuries from his earning of poker.

He says that Dan, “claims to have made all the money from poker, yet his dad, who had a lot of money from corporating in the 80’s went to jail and was forced to pay around a 50 to 60 million dollar fine, of which he ended up paying only a few million. So the money is missing, and we just don’t know where it went.”

Hmm. That is quite a mystery.

Dan takes a picture with a group of women holding guns. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

However, while Doug does not believe Dan’s story, he does point out that a good chunk of his earnings could have been earned from playing high-level poker. Guess we will never know for sure!

Dan takes a picture with Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

Apart from being a potential sham, Dan Bilzerian is also racist and sexist by nature.

Dan poses with ladies in a hot tub. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

He posts sexist captions on his Instagram. He posts comments saying, “If you are thinking about getting married, just remember, one vagina for the rest of your life…Not smart.”

Dan writes “Property of Dan Bilzerian” on a woman. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

He was also kicked out of a nightclub because he kicked a woman in the face. Woah!

Dan parties with babes and booze. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)
Dan pole dances surrounded by a bunch of girls. (Source: Dan’s Instagram)

Due to his impolite ways, he was also denied the right to enter Australia.


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